Brock and awe: a little Shore Leave wordplay

who can kick ass with deadly sass? perhaps none more than Shore Leave of Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. the closest you could get in real life would be if Louie Spence was a dual pistol-wielding agent of a super-secret American rogue spy organization.

from The Venture Bros., “Pinstripes & Poltergeists”

Shore Leave’s espionage and combat skills are second only to his sharp-tongued, laser-quick wit (and just ahead of his love of Jimmy Choo designs).  his special brand of ass-kicking homosexual machismo is just balanced by his (professional) partner Brock Sampson’s special brand of ass-kicking heterosexual machismo. initially presented as rivals, twenty years later they are fighting side-by-side against unchecked aggression – and have turned out to be an unexpected and satisfying comic duo.

Brock – seriously, no pun intended here – plays the straight man to Shore Leave’s unwavering humor, and Brock himself is often in Shore Leave’s sights. one of Shore Leave’s trademarks, next to his energetic use of “boom!”, are his plays on Brock’s name. it’s quickly become one of the most fun running gags in The Venture Bros., and his snappy chatter keeps fans’s ears perked for the next guffaw-worthy “Brockism”.

here, then, is a living document of Shore Leave’s Brock-related wit – plus more inspired by his curious expressions of friendship:

Shore Leave …and inspired by
Brock Ness Monster
Brock lobster
Brock of ages
honorable mention to Sgt. Hatred:
Brock around the clock
Brock and awe
Between a Brock and a hard place
Brock ‘n load
On the chopping Brock
Electro-Brock therapy
Brock n’ roll
Rock out with your Brock out
Brock ‘o the walk
Brock it to me!
Brock the vote
Brock Pot slow cooker
What’s up, Brock?
Chip off the ol’ Brock
Lock, Brock, and barrel
On Brockdown
Been around the Brock

bonus! in the course of tracking down Shore Leave quotes, i came across an excellent article about the exact same thing over at the Very Venture Vodcast – hell, we even used the same internet-filched image! clearly, the love of Shore Leave has united Venture fans on some intangible metaphysical level!

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