Holla Atcha Boy! A Fallout 4 mod

Are you looking for your son? Have you tried yelling his name?

Now you can get in full character immersion by yelling “Shaun!” up and down the Commonwealth. This mod adds an item that makes the player character, male or female, yell their son’s name.

If you’re sneaking, they’ll say it quietly – but watch out, because that can still alert nearby enemies.

It’s a killa immersion mod, pally.



– Lines are actual dialogue, including lip-sync and helmet effects
– High-quality audio extracted from in-game dialogue
– Different dialogue if the player is sneaking
– Alerts enemies more if yelling, less if whispering
– Item persists in inventory 

How do I use it?

The item “Holla Atcha Boy” will be added to your player’s inventory. Add it to a quick-slot and then you can Shaun-on-the-go.

It’s actual dialogue, so it has some caveats: it won’t work during other dialogue scenes, at some points in combat or other actions, or underwater.

Why make this mod?

Yeah, this started out as a “Press X to Shaun” joke, but it became more significant as I tested it. I feel the pain of loss and search for Shaun is a great part of Fallout 4’s plot, yet it often feels detached from the player character’s day-to-day activities.

Courtenay Taylor and Brian T. DeLaney are excellent as desperate parents, but the quest system sometimes feels strange when they go from “wow, the wasteland is weird” to “I’ve been gut-shot by the loss of my child” in the space of a few lines. Yelling “Shaun!” really adds something to the character’s state of mind when in the ruins of CIT or Fort Hagen.

How does it work?

  1. An invisible quest gives the player an item, “Holla Atcha Boy”.
  2. The item, when used, gives the player the “Hollerin’ Atcha Boy” effect.
  3. The effect runs a script that triggers a scene of the quest and fires a detection event based on wether the player is sneaking or standing (intensity 20 vs. 100).
  4. The scene starts an action that also checks wether player is sneaking.
  5. The action plays the appropriate loud or quiet line of dialogue.
  6. The quest then replaces the consumed aid item.
0.9 Release Notes

Known issues:

– Some male lines weren’t using the lip sync, especially when standing.
– It doesn’t work underwater, which I’d love to fix.
– It usually works during combat, but sometimes it won’t for a period after.
– I thought I could make a PS4 version, but scripts count as external assets!

Features TODO

– Figure out how to populate the large line of item description text.

– Create an item-less version that works with keybinds, either using built-in functions or F4SE.

– Create an “obsession” variant where the character involuntarily speaks from time to time.  More with high fatigue, drunkenness?