Star Trek-Fallout Cast Overlap

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Person In FO In ST Fallout Fallout 2 Fallout Tactics Fallout: BoS Fallout 3 New Vegas Fallout 4 Star Trek The Next Gen. Deep Space 9 Voyager Enterprise ST 1 ST 2 ST 3 ST 4 ST 5 ST 6 Generations First Contact Insurrection Nemesis Star Trek 2009 Into Darkness Beyond ST Video Games Famous For
Alan Oppenheimer 3 3     “(voice)” Harold
Cult Ghoul Thug
Wasteland Trader
    Paladin Brandis   623 Koroth 226 Captain Keogh 319 Nezu Ambassador                             Starfleet Command: Volume II: Empires at War
Tons of cartoons
Tons of TV work
Skeletor and Man-at-Arms from He-Man!
Audrey Wasilewski 2 1         Tulip
Nurse Graves
Miss Jeanette
Bessie Lynn
Female Ghouls
  Alexis Combes
Darcy Pembroke
Female Child of Atom
                                Additional voices (voice)    
Lots of TV work
Lots of video games
Brian George 2 2     “(voice)” Ghoul Merchant Hieronymus
Chief Scientist DuBois
Tesla Robot
Service Robot
          516 Richard Bashir 703 Ambassador O’Zaal                              
Tons of TV work
Lots of cartoons
Brian T. Delaney 1 1             Nate (Player Male)                                 Additional voices (voice)      
Bruce Thomas 1 1             Daniel Finch
Nathan Filmore
        322-324 Xindi-Reptilian Soldier                             Some TV work
Bumper Robinson 1 1             Additional voices     306 Jem’Hadar Teenager                                
Lots of cartoons
Lots of videos games
Clancy Brown 1 1 Rhombus                     124 Zobral                            
The Shawshank Redemption (Captain Hadley)
Starship Troopers
Tons of cartoons
Red Death on The Venture Bros!
David Warner 1 3 Morpheus               610 Gul Madred (“How many lights are there?”)               St. John Talbot Chancellor Gorkon               Elite Force II
Armada II
Being a British sourpuss
Debra Wilson 1 1           Kate
Boomer Teacher
Jackal Gang Member
New Vegas Citizen
Novac Settler
The Tops Cashier
Traveling Merchant
Vault 34 Dweller
Vikki and Vance Dealer
Viper Gunslinger
Viper Leader
White Gloves Society Member
      625 Lisa Cusak                                
Lots of TV work
Don McManus 1 1             Wallace
      303 Zio                                
Dwight Schultz 3 3   Hakunin Gammorin
Paladin Latham
      Knight Captain Cade   Barclay   Barclay                 Barclay           Elite Force II  
Earl Boen 1 1     Ghoul Officer Fisher
Wasteland Mayor Richard
Vault-Tec Computer Calix
          202 Nagilum (voice)                                 Bridge Commander
Armada II
VOY: Elite Force
Dr. Silberman from the Terminator movies
Narrator of the World of Warcraft series
Tons of TV work
Eric Morgan Stewart 1 1             Jacob Forsythe
Newton Oberly
    311 Stairway Guard                                 Not much
Frank Welker 2 2 Maxson   “(voice)”               508 Alien Creature       Spock’s screams (voice)                     Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates
Starfleet Command: Volume II: Empires at War
Starfleet Academy
Fred Tatasciore 1 1           Tabitha
Tour Guide
Mr. Janitor
Mr. Handy
Doctor Orderly MD PHD DDS – Old World Blues DLC
Sparks – Old World Blues DLC
Mister Orderly – Old World Blues DLC
                                  Additional voices (voice)    
Epic video game work
Epic cartoon work
Iona Morris 1 2             Daisy
Cheryl Glass
Clair Hutchins
108 Little African American Girl     716/717 Umali                               Lots of TV work
James Horan 1 4           The King     622 Dr. Jo’Bril
701 Lieutenant Barnaby
515/516 Ikat’ika 313 Tosin Humanoid Figure (6 Episodes)                           Klingon Academy
Starfleet Command III
He fought Worf in DS9!
Lots of video games
Jason Marsden 3 2   Myron Horus
    Craig Boone     504 Raymond ‘Renny’ Marr 415 Grimp                                 Tons of cartoons
John Doman 1 1           Caesar       324 Lenaris Holem                                
The Wire
Lots of TV work
John Eric Bentley 1 1           Neil
Super Mutants
      714 Klingon                                 Lots of TV work
Jude Ciccolella 1 1           Thomas Hildern
Dusty McBride
Johnson Nash
Orion Moreno
Chomp Lewis
Gunderson Hired Hand
                              Commander Suran       DS9: Harbinger
DS9: The Fallen
Lots of TV work
The Shawshank Redemption (Guard Mert)
Keith Szarabajka 2 2           Joshua Graham – Honest Hearts DLC Male Ghouls
Vault-Tec Scientist
      704 Teero 118 Damrus                             Lots of TV work
Kenneth Mars 1 1 Overseer                 216 Colyus                                
Young Frankenstein
Lots of cartoons
Kevin Michael Richardson 2 1     Com. Officer Ghoul High Priest
Mutant Grunt
                                      Additional voices (voice)   Klingon Academy
Starfleet Command: Volume II: Empires at War
DS9: The Fallen
New Worlds
Starfleet Command
Tons of cartoons
Kurtwood Smith 1 3     General Dekker             508 Thrax 408/409 Annorax             Federation President                
That 70’s Show, dumbass.
Larry Cedar 1 3     “(voice)”             213 Dr. Nydrom 214 Tersa 206 Tessic                            
Tons of TV work
Lots of cartoons
He was on Square One!
Malcolm McDowell 1 1         President John Henry Eden                           Soran             Generations  
Marcelo Tubert 1 1           White Legs males – Honest Hearts DLC     413 Acost Jared                                   Lots of TV work
Michael Bell 2 2     “(voice)” Vault Dweller
Super Mutant
        101 Zorn 201 Borum
221 Drofo Awa
                              Armada II
Starfleet Command: Volume II: Empires at War
DS9: The Fallen
New Worlds
Starfleet Command
Epic cartoons
Lots of games
Michael Dorn 2 7   Marcus

Frank Horrigan

      Marcus     Worf Worf               Klingon Defense Attorney Worf Worf Worf Worf       TNG: A Final Unity
DS9: The Fallen
Away Team
Michelle Bonilla 1 1           White Legs females – Honest Hearts DLC           114 Bu’kaH                             Lots of TV work
Monte Markham 1 1           President Aaron Kimball       507 Fullerton                                 Lots of TV work
Nicholas Guy Smith 1 1             Proctor Quinlan
Supervisor Brown
                              Professor       Not much
Pamela Aldon 1 1 Nicole               304 Oji                                  
Bobby Hill
Tons of cartoons
Paul Eiding 2 1         Nathan Vargas
Abraham Washington
Tree Father Birch
Evan King
Daniel Littlehorn
Dr. Zimmer
Father Clifford
Mister Lopez
Dr. Julius Banfield
Herbert Dashwood
Irving Cheng
Harris Smith
Tinker Joe
Officer Taylor
The Preacher
Bill Steward
  Vault-Tec Rep
Arlen Glass
  702 Ambassador Loquel                                 Starfleet Command III
Armada II
DS9: The Fallen
Rene Auberjonois 1 3           Robert Edwin House       Odo
613 Douglas Pabst
325 Curzon Dax
  120 Ezral           Colonel West                
He’s Odo.
Tons of TV work
I saw him randomly on Charlie’s Angels. It was strange.
Richard Cansino 1 1             Ricky Dalton
Lorenzo Cabot
  313 Dr. Garin                                  
Lots of TV work
Lots of dubbing
Richard Herd 1 2           Father Elijah – Dead Money DLC     616/617 L’Kor   Owen Paris (4 Episodes)                                
Rick Pasqualone 1 1           Daniel – Honest Hearts DLC       408 Toral                                 Lots of TV work
Robert Picardo 1 3             Alan Binet
Vault-Tec Scientist
    516 Dr. Lewis Zimmerman The Doctor
Dr. Lewis Zimmerman
                Holographic Doctor           Online
Voyager: Elite Force
He’s The Doctor
Robin Atkin Downes 2 1           Deputy Beagle
Mr Gutzy Robots
Creature Mutants
Ironbelly – Old World Blues DLC
                              (ADR voices)        
Roger Cross 1 1           Ulysses – Lonesome Road DLC
Biological Research Station – Old World Blues DLC
          303 Tret                             Lots of TV work
Ron Perlman 6 1 Narrator
Butch Harris
Narrator Narrator   Narrator Narrator Anchorman                             Viceroy          
Tim Russ 1 4             Lancer Captain Kells
(FH CoA guy)
  618 Devor 204 T’Kar
319 Tuvok
Tuvok               Lieutenant             Elite Force II
Voyager: Elite Force
He’s Tuvok.
“We ain’t found shit!”
Time Winters 1 1             Mister Zwicky
Old Man Stockton
Barney Rook
  412 Glin Daro                                   Lots of TV work
Tony Amendola 1 1             Father
Colonel Smith
      622 Chorus #3                               Lots of TV work
Tony Jay 2 1 The Lieutenant     Attis
        520 Third Minister Campio                                  
The “dad” from Twins
Lots of cartoons
Wil Wheaton 1 3           Robobrains
Super-Ego – Old World Blues DLC
X-8 Robobrain – Old World Blues DLC
    Wesley Crusher                         Wesley Crusher Romulan (voice, uncredited)      
He’s Wesley Crusher.
Stand By Me
William Sadler 1 1           Victor       Luther Sloan                                
Lots of TV work
Lots of movie work
The Shawshank Redemption (Heywood)
President Ellis of the Marvel MCU
The Pacific