Everyone’s War: A tiny Fallout 4 immersion mod

Everyone’s War is a small modification for Fallout 4 that gives the player character a military background, regardless of gender.

Why did I make this?  It’s all about the emotional journey that the backstory creates.  Read more here.


1.0 Release notes
Everyone's War


A Fallout 4 mod

The player character has a military background, regardless of gender.


Why make this mod?





- Changed Nora's pre-war military fatigues comment to "War... war never changes."
 (MQ101PlayerComments > MQ101PlayerComments_Fatigues) (Tested OK)

- Changed Nora's pre-war diploma comment to "I'm so proud of him."
 (MQ101PlayerComments > MQ101PlayerComments_Diploma) (Tested OK)

- Changed Fraternal Order terminal entry to reference either gender.
 (FraternalPost115Location > DN048_BossTerminal) (Tested OK)

- Removed the female branch from the USS Constitution greeting. 
 (MS11 > MS11_0050_LookoutGreeting) (Tested OK)

- Restored Nora's "Soldier" response to Mandy outside the Constitution.
 (MS11 > MS11_0350_Meet_Mandy) (Tested OK)

- Replaced Nora's BoS airport greeter "Husband" option with "Words any former soldier can appreciate."
 (BoS000 > BoS000_01_BoSGreetingScene) (Tested OK)


Can't be changed:
- The intro movie's voice-over.
- The contents of the "Hi honey!" holotape.


- Cut content: Piper's interview has a question about pre-war occupations.
 (FFDiamondCity07 > zFFDiamondCity07PiperFemalePlayerBranch)


Created using Creation Kit 1.8.10