Bring Up The Party: A short Fallout 4 quest

You’ve been “inspired” to help find some information. A locked door and a quirky woman stand in your way.

A “simple” quest I made to learn much, much more about the Fallout 4 Creation Kit. Yes, I did all the voice acting!  (So, no separate female NPC or PC voices – for now.)

Oh, a couple folks have made videos featuring this mod – including friend to dog and modder alike, AlChestBreach!  Feel free to look them up, but I won’t show them here; that’d spoil the fun…


Behind the scenes

This started as a somewhat larger Twine scene, which I edited down and created in FO4 to learn more about NPCs, scenes, and sandbox idles.  The sub-basement and extra NPCs were added after, to learn about level building, factions, vendors, and more.

Hoondoon is a composite of the hyper-energetic party gals I’ve met at clubs and parties; her name is an adaptation of the Chinese word for “chaos” (húndún, 混沌).  Ricky is also based on the kind of focused, purposeful partier you find in the darker corners of an underground rave.

There were two problems with the scene re-write:   there’s a line that makes no sense without context, and the player character has no real motivation other than curiosity.  The line can be re-recorded, but I needed something to help discover the quest and compel player interest.  I won’t give it away, but I think it works pretty well to inspire the PC.  Thus, the full name, “Inspiration: Bring Up The Party”.

Sub-basement, mid-production:  Built, furnished, eye-lines defined, lit, patrol set; uncluttered, undecorated, navmesh unrefined.