i started one of these things

i hate blogs.  or rather, what blogs came to represent.

first, there was the Internet, and no one cared.  then there was the World-Wide Web, and folks scratched their heads over what to do with it.  geeks would write things on message boards or personal web sites, and the information flowed freely.

then regular people discovered the value of the internet (no more capital “i”) for commerce and socializing.  they then spent the next ten years discovering everything the geeks and nerds knew all along. suddenly it was cool to be doing everything the dorky kids had been doing – without, of course, acknowledging where it all came from.

so “blogs” came along – they weren’t anything special, just dumbed-down content management systems that mimicked the hand-coded or hacked-up CMSes the OGs (Original Geeks) wrote.  ah, but the response from the masses was “ZOMG!!!!1!!! U CN RITE ON UR WEBZ AND PPL CN REED IT?!?”  internet innovators world-wide collectively smacked their foreheads.

it was like coming out with “wraps” while all the Mexicans stand around wondering how people are charging $9 for a burrito.  or Twitter “revolutionizing” communication by hacking together a very poorly written way to broadcast text messages.

i didn’t want a part of it.  i was content with my work, my experience, remembering what things were like in the days of 1200-baud modems, usenet, gopher, and telnet (TELNET!  pre-SSH!  “hi!  sniff me!”).  but, hell, i had to break down some day.

a big chunk of the reasoning is that there are a lot of valuable things on the internet that i use or am entertained by every day.  sometimes i fix something after finding nothing helpful on the web – maybe i should add some contributions of my own. and, of course, there are also a lot of stupid things said on the internet, so why not cast my lot in, too?

things you can expect here:

  • pixels:  photos, photochops, UI topics.
  • tools:  software and hardware fixes, hacks, firearms, electronics.
  • commentary.
  • complaining.

– emilio

4 thoughts on “i started one of these things”

    1. gimmie about two weeks and a Krispy Kreme gift card and i’ll see what i can do for ya.

  1. In other words, there were finally enough of your fellow attention whores clogging up the intertubez that you no longer felt guilty about revealing yourself to be one of them.

    1. well, attention is a very valuable commodity nowadays; i can’t have all the idiots and assholes hogging it up.

      plus – dark, dirty secret ahead – i’m neither on Facebook nor Twitter. so i need some sort of venue to have my existence validated by random people on the internet. like you!

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